A workshop on Educational Technology Integration was conducted on 19th May 2022 at Delhi Public School, Tezpur by the Dean of Academics, Dr Dhanveer Singh Arora. The objective of the workshop was to provide our teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices and enhance student learning outcomes.


Workshop Details:

Date: 19 May 2022

Time: 9:00 AM

Venue: School Premises



The primary objective of the workshop was to equip our teachers with the tools and strategies to integrate educational technology effectively into their teaching practices, thereby enhancing student engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes.


Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to Educational Technology: This session provided an overview of educational technology tools and resources available for classroom use, including interactive whiteboards, educational apps, multimedia presentations, and online learning platforms.
  2. Effective Use of Interactive Smartboards: Strategies for using interactive smartboards to create interactive and engaging lessons were discussed, including incorporating multimedia elements, interactive activities, and collaborative learning experiences.
  3. Using Educational Apps and Software: Teachers were introduced to a variety of educational apps and software programs that can be used to enhance student learning across different subjects and grade levels.
  4. Creating Multimedia Presentations: Techniques for creating engaging multimedia presentations for classroom instruction were explored, including using presentation software, graphics, videos, and audio recordings.
  5. Online Learning Platforms: The use of online learning platforms for delivering instruction, assessing student learning, and providing feedback was discussed, including best practices for selecting, implementing, and managing online learning platforms.


Workshop Facilitators:

The workshop was facilitated by experienced educators and educational technology specialists who provided valuable insights, practical tips, and hands-on training sessions to help teachers integrate technology effectively into their teaching practices.


Participant Feedback:

The workshop received positive feedback from participants, who found the sessions informative, engaging, and practical. Many teachers expressed their appreciation for the valuable insights and strategies shared during the workshop and indicated that they felt better equipped to integrate technology into their teaching practices.



The workshop on Educational Technology Integration was a resounding success, providing our teachers with valuable knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance student learning outcomes through the effective use of educational technology. We believe that the insights gained during the workshop will enable our teachers to create engaging, interactive, and innovative learning experiences for all of our students