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At Delhi Public School Tezpur, it is imperative that everyone feels safe and secure at all times. We ensure that all the safety measures are in place be it fire extinguishers or latest hi-tech security systems and IP security cameras. Mock Evacuation Drill is conducted at regular intervals where the students and staff are required to evacuate the school building in 5 minutes. It is processed to deal with any unprecedented circumstances. Punching in the RFID card in buses and at the campus also ensures  safety of all the students.That’s a mandate all the students and staff members follow on daily basis.

Every individual and vehicle has to go through a standard security check procedure while entering or exiting through the gate. Students are allowed to move outside the campus only when escorted by the teachers and security guard. It is also guarded by round-the-clock well-trained security personnel patrolling the area 24×7 making the school safe and secure.

All the employees ( faculty members, administrative staff, drivers and para – helpers) have gone through the process of police verification to seal the security and preventive measures the school takes during appointments.